i-Drive is a powerful, easy to use monitoring tool, giving you a complete picture of your drivers in real time. i-Drive is a small telematics device with GPS that is worn by the driver.

The i-Drive tracks and reports using a cloud based technology enabling management to ensure vehicles are driven correctly and safely. i-Drive has been specially developed by VPS and Streamline to create the very first fully portable intelligent tracking device with driver profiling. Weighing just 100grams the body worn device tracks the driver in real time monitoring speed, position and driving performance.

Monitor accurately

Managing Your Drivers In Real Time

Stay informed on your driver’s activity with selectable email alerts. Real time alerts for excessive speed, aggressive driving geo fenced exit or entry violations provide the Information you need to monitor your driver’s behaviour. With the immediate reporting mpower of the web portal you are able to respond quickly to infringements and by dealing with the driver immediately reduces potential accidents.

Constant offenders can be dealt with promptly further reducing risk.

Powerful Web-Based Analytics

Manage your drivers anytime from anywhere you have internet access. i-Drive uses mobile technology to send data to the VPS cloud based reporting application. Users log in to their own company specific site to view and manage their information.

iPad and iPhone compatible.

Encouraging Safe Driving

The safety Score Report pinpoints driving behaviour that needs improvement

(Speed, harsh cornering, hard acceleration and deceleration). By focusing on these highlighted areas will further reduce the risk of damage whilst saving fuel on the vehicle.

Identify Aggressive Driving

The i-Drive has been built with a 3-axis accelerometer, our unique i-Bubble report
measures the driver’s motions whilst in the vehicle dimensions, creating a virtual bubble around the vehicle. An i-Bubble event is defined as an abrupt driving condition, such as slamming on the brake that takes a vehicle outside of its safety bubble.

Aggressive driving is calculated based on rapid acceleration, harsh braking, unsafe cornering and unusual variations of speed over rough terrain. Use this report along with the safety report to hone in on a drivers performance.


Various reports are able to be generated to give the management a clear picture of each individual driver and their performance. Report screens have been developed to be able to view statistics, violations, top 5 drivers and also repeat offenders.

Hot spots can also be identified using the data to identity areas where constant
Violations occur, This could be s straight open piece of road tempting the car driver to exceed the speed limit or a temporary compound layout junction which causes excessive breaking due to the unfamiliarity of the drivers. 

Bespoke reports for more in depth analysis can be written by the i-Drive software

When An Accident Happens

As careful as drivers may be, incidents do happen. i-Drive acts like an airplane black box, storing detailed data that preceded the event. When you receive an incident alarm via email sent to your PC, the incident report will show you where and when the event occurred. Click on the driver to see second by second data on speed and g-force for up to 60 seconds preceding the event to determine if the driver was speeding, slowing or slamming on his brakes, which direction he was travelling and what other vehicle was involved.


The system allows you to set geo zoned areas for speed and also for moving from one compound to another. Any driver breaching these conditions will automatically have the system email a violation alert which can be dealt with.
As most compounds have multiple speed limits the geo zone can set these ensuring that the speed limits are adhered too.

Geo-Zone Areas For Test Drives

Example, two areas have been identified for the test drive route. The yellow zone is the vehicle compound which has a speed limit set at 20mph whilst the red zone has had the national speed limit set. Should either vehicle exceed the limits set in the two zones or goes out of the zone for whatever reason an email alert is automatically sent for investigation or in the case of speeding the offender can be disciplined.

The system can also collect the actual mileage on each test run so reports can be run to verify that the PDI technician has completed the full mileage required by the PDI test.

Historical Data

The driving history of any driver is kept for three years so you are able to review individuals. Should you use additional temporary drivers you will be able to select individuals based on the past performance reducing your risk of using new drivers who are not familiar with the site and vehicles.

Driver Assist

The i-Drive comes with a driver assist button that when pressed will activate an email alert notifying the management that the driver has a problem. This could be that the vehicle has run out of fuel or has developed a problem which the driver feels it is best to stop and seek advice rather than risk vehicle damage.

Medical issue of the driver can also be raised as the device is fitted with a vibrator which will vibrate when the button has been pressed. This can give the driver reassurance that in a medical matter that his message has been sent as most
complaints from people when faced with a medical emergency fear that they are alone and know one is coming. Distress signal, many trade-platers and vehicle deliver drivers rely on hitch hiking to get either to another location for a collection or back home. Should the driver feel vulnerable at any time they can press the assist button where an operator can call their mobile to establish the problem, if no answer or the operator feels that there is a more serious situation they will contact the Police can give the drivers exact location for further investigation.

Loss of GSM

The system is constantly recording data every second, in the event that the GSM signal is lost the i-Drive will continue to log the data and as soon as the connection is restored will upload the data to the server.

Safe Zones

Zones where tracking and recording of data is not required can be defined by using an additional device that will communicate with the i-Drive unit. The SB1 is a small device which emits a signal which when the i-Drive device is with range automatically knows that another device is capturing the movements and not to record that data against the defined users device.

For example, drivers being collected by a minibus driven by another driver. In this instance the device will be installed in to the minibus they will be classed as a safe zone. The driver’s devices will be automatically informed when entering the minibus that it has been allocated as a safe zone and no monitoring will be recorded. This ensures that data being collected is true to each individual. The minibus can be tracked on a separate device to monitor that driver’s performance.

Charging and device allocation centre

The i-Drive charging and allocation centre enables the driver to scan the device to the unique identity card. The device is automatically activated as soon as the device leaves it’s charging cradle and is only deactivated when returning for charging. This ensures that the device cannot be turned off accidentally or intentionally.


i-Drive offer a standard range of car friendly work wear that has been designed to house the i-Drive monitoring device. Should you have a preference for a different style, colour or type of company we can assist in the manufacture.


i-Drive operates its own dedicated monitoring centre where trained staff are constantly monitoring registered users on different operating sites and locations throughout the UK.

The benefits of having an operating site constantly monitoring gives additional protection to ensure the infringements are analysed to see the severity or to closely monitor individual users who are constantly offending. Customers have access to all the information and can monitor but the advantage of having a monitoring centre is to pre-empt an accident rather than deal with one after the fact. Detailed reports are then sent to the operational site for action. Certain events can trigger immediate active required which the user’s management can take action.

As an additional service i-Drive control can monitor your drivers, prepare reports and one of the most important can advice if a driver is to be withdrawn.

Driving standards forward

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